Why Fashion Shopping Sucks

Did you ever find yourself ...

  • Waiting in line for a fitting room
  • Finding a piece you love but your size is sold out
  • Shopping online and ordering everything in minimum two sizes
  • Returning most of the pieces you ordered online because they don't fit

Well, so have we!

This is why we are building a Fashion Store that gets rid of all of these.

Check it out!


Personalized Fitting Rooms

Enter the store by scanning an QR-Code and get your own Fitting Room right away.

Automated Picking

Don't waste your time looking for the right size. Just scan a piece and we will get the right size for you.

Self Check-In and Check-Out

Never waiting in line again! Check-In via QR-Code and pay via App. Dressive Stores have no cashiers!

True Omnichannel Shopping

Dressive is a combination of fashion stores and an online shop. We're combining online and offline shopping for the better since day one.



Functions as Pick-Up Area

Front View


Pieces are displayed on racks

Fitting Room

Looks like a cozy place!

Fitting Rooms

Located at the back of the store

Service Desk

Find out what this is by downloading the deck

Interested? Download the deck here

Pitchdeck DRESSIVE


Hi! We are Dressive and if you think that our store looks sick drop us a message.


Actually we don't have an office yet lol. But we're from Cologne!

Email Us

paul -at- dressive.io

+49 176 473 88 66 two

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